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Neil Cawley


Spots take about 3,4 weeks to re grow so I take all the spots out about 6 weeks before the show. This will give you a full set of spots to work with.I use mainly tweezers but do use a pair of very sharp scissors for finishing off. I will also take about 4 days to do each bird a little bit at a time no good rushing it one mistake and that’s it for a further 4 weeks.

Assessing the bird: When you first look at this bird you think its going to have big spots. In fact the bigger spots are very pale in colour and are more like shadow spots. I did try to leave the big spots when I first spotted out this bird but they just don’t sit right and spoil the over all look.


First remove the top or highest row of full spots leave any very small spots or black tipped feathers.

You can now see the big spot is too low to sit in a nice line with the rest so remove it. You're now left with 4 spots on each side but which one do you remove? I have taken the big pale looking one from next to the cheek patch removing one of the others could make the mask look split or an uneven line of spots.


At this stage you should have 6 evenly space spots with one being partly covered by the cheek patch.

Finishing off we now have the small black tipped feathers left some people will pull these out. I don’t I use a very sharp pair of scissors to trim them out. don’t cut across the feather this will leave a horrible line. You need to cut up or with the feather leaving as much clean wight feather as possible.


A few small shadow spots have appeared in the mask they should be removed with the tweezers.


The finished article

This bird is a little out of show condition but with regular spraying with warm water first thing in the morning while the spots are re growing not after you have spotted out will see the condition return. So take your time learn and assess your birds and practise with your none showing stock and good luck.