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Executive & General Council

N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S


Executive Council:

1. Mr S Adams
2. Mr R Warnock
3. Mr P McCann
4. Mr A Shiels
5. Mr G Kidd
6. Rev C McFarland

Complaints & Ethics Committee:
President - Mr G Kidd
Vice-President - Rev C McFarland
Chairman - Mr S Adams
Vice-Chairman - Mr P McCann
General Secretary - Mr A Shiels

General Council:
Mr S Adams
Mr D Anderson
Mr N Anderson
Mr C Armstrong
Mr L Edgar
Miss T Gage
Mr J Haskins
Mr S Kelly
Mr G Kidd
Mr P McCann
Mr W McChesney Sen.
Mr H McCullough
Rev C Mc Farland
Mr R McLaughlin
Mr S Parkinson
Mr A Shiels
Mr W Twyford
Mr R Warnock
Mr R Whitford
Mr E Whitla

Affiliated Club/Society Delegates:

Ballymena CBS: Mr C Laverty & Darren Swann
Ballymoney: Mr W McChesney (Jnr)
Banbridge CBS:
City of Derry: Mr M Young & Mr J McGillian
Comber: Mr J Haskins
County Antrim: Mr L Harkin & Mr J Scott
County Down: Mr G. Adams & Mr J Smallwood
Craigavon: Mr S. Kelly & Mr M McCann
North Down Invitational: Mr B Moffett & Mr J Marshall