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Show Cage


Standard Show Cage – Budgerigar (1996)


Overall measurements 355mm long × 305mm high × 165mm wide


355mm long by 162mm wide by 6mm thick with pencil round front edge.


293mm high by 162mm wide by 9mm thick with pencil round front edge and 25mm radius in top front corner.


355mm long by 140mm wide by 6mm thick with pencil round front edge and 85mm by 30mm kidney shaped hand hold positioned centrally in length and 40mm from rear.


355mm long × 230mm high × 3mm thick

Sloping roof

9mm thick positioned 222mm from bottom of cage and 45mm from front of cage. Centre of junction between top of cage and sloping roof to be stiffened by triangular block of wood.

Front rail

70mm high from floor of cage by 9mm thick and recessed 4mm from front of cage.

Door size

100mm high by 90mm wide externally with sloping bevel cut to top, bottom, and left hand edges. Right hand edge to be straight cut. Bottom of door to 95mm from bottom of cage and centred on right hand side panel. Door corners on opposite side to the hinges can be radiused up to 5mm.

Door fasteners

1. One plain brass desk turn, painted black, 25mm long fixed by brass screw to the side of cage to coincide with a raised head brass screw, painted black, positioned 12mm in from left hand edge of door and 50mm from top of the door.
2. One plain brass desk turn, painted black, 25mm long fixed above left hand side of door to line up with side flange set 12mm from edge of door.

Door hinges

Two black painted strong hinges 25mm by 16mm fixed on right hand side of door and 10mm from top and bottom of door.

Door pull

25mm by 1.6mm (16 gauge) wire, black painted, S hook in centre of door.

Perch size

14mm diameter with both ends cut flush

Perch position

Centre of perches and screw holes to be 140mm from bottom of cage and 112mm apart.

Perch fixings

Perches to be secured to back of cage with counter sunk screws and brass cup washers and to centre crossbar on wire front 3mm deep horizontal saw cut

Wire front

Comprises of 21 wires by 2mm (14 gauge) mesh at 16mm centres. For strength, double punched set 10mm apart; curved at top, 19mm bow. Centre of middle crossbar to be 140mm above bottom of cage. Front to be fixed to cage by three extended wires at top and bottom. The centre wire at top of cage to be cut to avoid excessive protrusion.


White plastic finger drawer type not to exceed 50mm in overall length.


Inside and wire front – white
Outside – Black gloss, including top of front rail.

Team show cages as B.S. Current specifications with the exception that all brass work to be painted black and no Patent label is attached.

At the AGM of 2008 it was agreed that only the new style of cages would be accepted..

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