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Show Rules


1. (A) The following is not permitted:-
(i) Colour feeding or giving or feeding any preparation causing in any degree unnatural colour.
(ii) Feeding any preparation whose effect is to promote unnatural growth.
(iii) Trimming of wings, tail; or other parts of the body except the lower mask and spots.
(iv) Ring with a cut, unclosed or otherwise tampered with closed ring or two closed coded rings.
(v) Using any unnatural colouring/preparation on cere, beak or feather of a bird.
(vi) Fixing any feather which from any part of the bird with adhesive or other unnatural preparation.

(b) The exhibition bird of any member suspected of any offence may be impounded by the officiating judge, or failing him/her a representative of the Society, or failing him/her the Show Manager of the promoting society, for such times as may be necessary to establish by tests or otherwise, the true position.

(c ) Particulars of any such impounded bird and its ring number shall be taken immediately in the presence of two witnesses and all necessary evidence shall be clearly established and signed by the person or persons referred to in part (b) of this rule, a copy thereof being handed to or posted by recorded delivery to the exhibitor.

(d) On deposit of five pounds sterling, a complaint in writing may be made to the Show secretary of the society promoting the show, regarding any irregularity in the exhibition of a bird at that show.

The complaint shall be considered as soon as possible by the committee of that society and if deemed well founded the complaint, written evidence from witnesses and committee's findings together with the deposit shall be forwarded to the General Secretary of the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S who will place the matter as soon as possible before the Executive Council for consideration, which committee may reject the complaint or refer it to the Complaints & Ethics Committee for consideration and adjudication. (The Complaints & Ethics Committee will consist of three of the following Officers of the Society:- President, Vice – President, Chairman, Vice – Chairman and General Secretary).

In the event of the complaint being proven the deposit will be returned, otherwise it will be forfeited to the Society. (See also General Rule 12)

2. Special prizes offered by the Society shall be competed for at Patronage Shows only.
Members must mark entry form N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S Awards.
Members must nominate on their entry form the awards they wish to compete for, e.g. O.B for Owner Bred or B.W for Budgerigar World, etc.

3. Only varieties that have been recognised by the Society in its standards may have separate classes allocated to them.
All others must be exhibited in Any Other Colour classes.
The order of priorities for composite budgerigars in show classifications is:-
1. Crests
2. Spangles (including double factor)
3. Dominant Pied.
4. Recessive Pied.
5. Yellow Face. (including Golden Face)
6. Any Other Colour

4. Partnership.
(a) Any paid up member of the society who forms or dissolves a partnership of arrangement with any other member or members must give written notice to the General Secretary stating names of the parties concerned in the partnership.

(b) Members exhibiting from the same address or, of any partnership must exhibit solely in the section of the highest-ranking member of the said partnership/address.

(c ) Each new or existing member may retain his/her own ring number.
If election to be known under one name other than the names of the partners they may do so stating name, address and ring numbers under that name.

(d) Forms must be in the name of the partnership or names of all partners. Ring numbers of all partners and one address of any partner to be written down and signed by any partner who assumes responsibility for the partnership and that entry.

(e) All addresses of the partners and ring numbers to be listed under each partnership in the yearly membership list.

(f) Failure to observe these partnership/address regulations shall debar the allocation of society awards.

5. The 31st December shall be deemed the end of the exhibition year for the purpose of counting diplomas and pints in connection with the society's various competitions.
Points subsequently gained will be considered as belonging to the following; thus a bird hatched at any time during the year can compete as a young bird (breeder) up to 31st December that year.

All birds exhibited in breeder classes must have been bred by and wearing the closed coded ring of the actual exhibitor.
The Show Manager is responsible for verifying rings.
Where verification of closed coded rings require the catching up of Foreign, Bengalese or Zebra Finch birds, this will only be carried out – if requested – in the presence of the exhibitor.

6. At the patronage shows of the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S any fully paid up member of the society may win any award of that society for which he/she is eligible.

7. The counting of points for the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S Special Awards at the patronage shows shall be counted as follows;- The seven highest awards in each class to be counted for points – first to count seven points.
If less than seven exhibits the first award shall count the same as there exhibits stages in the class. Each award after the first to count ine point less than the award next above.
It frequently happens that errors in show schedules and catalogues, the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S is in no way responsible for such errors, but when members see for instance mistakes which effect the scoring of points they think have earned for trophies offered by the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S they should write at once to the General Secretary of the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S, failing a satisfactory reply.

8. Where a standard show cage is stipulated for a variety, all exhibits in those classes must be shown in the cage, otherwise the cage must be suitable in size and type for the variety exhibited.
Softbills must be shown in desk type show cages.
No markings or labels, other than cage labels giving the class and exhibit number and species where applicable (which shall be in central position on the front rail) shall appear on the cage.
All cages (Zebra Finch, Bengalese or Foreign) will be painted black gloss on the outside including fittings, white inside and having black metal fronts.

9. Floors of cages shall be covered with seed suitable to the variety with the exception of Softbill cages which may be decorated internally.

10. The Budgerigar section in the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S two shows will be watered only on request of each individual exhibitor, such request being marked on the entry form, other species to be watered by exhibitor only.

11. Wrong classed birds will not be changed after judging has commenced at the scoiety's two shows.

12. A judge officiating at a show held under the rules of the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S maybe an exhibitor at the show provided he/she does not exhibit in the species which he/she judges.

13. All exhibitors must state colour and variety of exhibit on entry form.

Budgerigar – A beginner may remain in the beginner section for three years from the date of joining the society.
The person then advances to the novice section where he/she can remain for five years.
There after the person becomes a champion.

Zebra Finch and Bengalese – A member may remain in the Novice section for five years from the date of joining. There after he/she becomes a champion.
Foreign – Foreign birds are all shown in a single status.

A member is permitted to be of the status commencurate with his experience in different sections at the same time. (e.g. Champion Budgerigar and Novice Zebra Finch etc.)

(b) Persons rejoining the society may, for each 4 years they have been non members, request 1 lower status from the status previously held.
The Membership Secretary shall decide on each application on its individual merits at the time of application. The General Council to ratify this decision at the next scheduled meeting.

15. Subject to the provisions of Show Rule 14(b), any exhibitor may if he/she desires to exhibit in a section higher than that of their present status, but once having done so shall not be allowed to exhibit in a lower section at any future show.

16. No Person under suspension shall be allowed to judge, exhibit or be present at any show held under the rules of the N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S

17. Exhibitors should note when a Budgerigar carries any additional visual factor it must be entered in the 'Any Other Colour' or variety class, for examples if the schedule read “ Any normal coloured Opaline” a Cinnamon Opaline must got into Any Other Colour' or variety class unless a class is provided. (see also Show Rule 3)

18. The judges decision is final whether or not a bird showing long flighted characteristics is disqualified.

19. This society accepts the recognised Budgerigar Society Colour Standards.

20. Colour place stickers may be used instead of cards in all sections.

21. Exhibitors of the Year Awards are based on the performance of the fancier in any one of the four (species) sections and not a combination of sections.

22. (a) All birds must be bone-fide property of the exhibitor and no bird may be exhibited when the breeder of the said bird or the person fro whom it was purchased, judges (that species) at the show entered.
(b) Birds not wearing closed coded rings are not eligible for major awards in Budgerigar, Zebra Finch, Bengalese & Foreign sections.
(c ) Colour awards in breeder, Budgerigar, Zebra Finch and Bengalese sections at specialist society shows with annual awards for Best Colour Breeders.
(d) Colour awards will be presented at specialist society shows receiving full N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S Patronage in all Budgerigar, breeder Bengalese and Zebra Finch sections, with annual certificates for the member accumulating the most colour awards specific to any one colour.
In the event of a tie there will be no certificate in respect of that colour.

23. If the full ring number of a Budgerigar is not entered on the exhibitors certificate of entry (entry form) such Budgerigar will not be considered for an award, and the exhibitor whose name appears on the entry form will be accepted as the exhibitor and that the entries on the entry form are made by him/her or made with his/her authority of knowledge.

24. Where a cup or trophy is designated to a special award and the winning exhibitor declines or refuses to accept and retain the cup or trophy (when offered) for the usual period, then that award will be withdrawn and any Points/Diplomas/A.OM/Colour Award won in respect of that special shall be withheld.

25. (a) Members may register non – N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S rings to compete for all society awards provided such registration is lodged with the General Secretary on or before 1st February each year. This registration to appear on the membership list along with the members N.I.B.Z.F & F.B.S ring code.
(b) Registration fee will be decided at the Annual General Meeting.